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Enovachem On-Demand Topical Creams

Our on-demand topical creams allow for same day dispensing by physician practices where the state allows for physician dispensing. Each unit contains pre-weighed ingredients conveniently packaged into one kit ready for point of care dispensing by a licensed professional. We offer eight variations of topical creams with prevalent drug choices and a microderm base. The on-demand topical creams are available in 120 gram containers. EnovRX-Cyclobenzaprine and EnovRX-Ibuprofen are also available in 60 gram containers.

Note: all kits are FDA approved and have an assigned NDC number. AWP’s are listed in First Data Bank, Medispan and Redbook.

EnovRX-Amitriptyline™ 2%
EnovRX-Baclofen™ 1%
EnovRX-Cyclobenzaprine™ 2%
EnovRX-Ibuprofen™ 10%
EnovRX-Lidocaine HCI™ 10%
EnovRX-Lidocaine HCI™ 5%
EnovRX-Naproxen™ 10%
EnovRX-Tramadol™ 5%

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