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Bring the future of medicine into your office when you add Catalyst’s products to your practice. You’ll provide your patients with safe solutions that are based in the building blocks of life and backed by cutting-edge science. More than simply exceptional products, you will benefit from added revenue, complimentary billing and reimbursement support, and product marketing support.

Embrace the element of change and enjoy new possibilities for a healthier physician practice.

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How it Works

  • Purchase products. Purchase the product you are interested in. We are happy to advise you on which options would best suit your patients’ needs.
  • Thorough training. Receive extensive training for you and your staff on best practice protocols. After initial training, our team is always on-call to answer any further questions you may have.
  • Patient recruitment. For those interested in more business support, Catalyst offers patient recruitment services through the Catalyst Regenerative Network, where we will market your new products and recruit interested patients to your practice, allowing you to focus on your top priority — your patients.
  • Billing support. Enjoy complimentary billing and reimbursement support service from Catalyst.
  • Added revenue. Benefit from additional revenue from Catalyst products. Currently our products are not covered by insurance, meaning no wait time before you see the profit.

Marketing Support

As a doctor, your first business is seeing to your patients. We know you don’t have time to focus on sales. That’s why we provide physicians who are a part of the Catalyst Regenerative Network with more than just products sitting on a shelf. When you partner with Catalyst, you will gain extensive marketing support, including personalized in-office marketing materials, outside marketing and lead generation.

  • In-office Marketing Materials
    When you join the Catalyst Regenerative Network, you will receive a package of in-office marketing materials, including posters, brochures and information to promote the products on your website. If there is a specific marketing piece you are interested in, simply let us know and we will see how we can help.
  • Advertising and Outside Marketing
    Catalyst provides the members of the Catalyst Regenerative Network with extensive external marketing. By advertising in the community on your behalf, we are building product awareness in the community, and ultimately driving patients to your office.
  • Lead Generation.
    The combined effect of in-office marketing materials, external advertising and Catalyst’s advocacy and call center results in interested and invested patients for you. Our call center will assist in educating people about the benefits of Catalyst’s products, and will direct people to the offices of network physicians in their area.