Act with Assurance.

Like what you’ve heard but have some more questions? You’ve come to the right place. Our FAQs offer answers to questions that both physicians and patients may have. If you don’t find your question below, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you.


    How will my staff be trained?
    We want you to feel confident and comfortable using our products. That is why we have a team of Registered Nurses on staff who are knowledgeable and trained in all of our products. They handle all of our training, and ensure that you and you staff are 100% comfortable with the products you have purchased. After initial training, they are available as needed for additional support and training.

    Do I have to market these products myself?
    No, you don’t. All physicians have the option to join the Catalyst Regenerative Network. As a member of the network, you will receive more than just products. We provide outside sales support to help recruit patients to your office. You will also receive in-office marketing materials, such as posters and brochures. If you are looking for a specific piece, let us know. We’d be glad to help arrange that for you.

    But what if I want to market these products myself?
    That’s great, and we’d be glad to help! Let us know what you are interested in, and we will make sure you get the support you need to make it happen.

    How do I get the word out to patients?
    When you register to begin working with Catalyst, we will provide you with a packet of marketing materials to help you get started. We will also be actively recruiting patients and directing them to your practice.

    How do patients pay for these products and services?
    Payment depends on the product. The single use injection kits and topical creams are generally covered by most insurance plans. At this time, our AQ products and human amniotic products are not covered by insurance and are considered out-of-pocket costs for patients. Please contact us if you have any specific questions about insurance coverage, and we will be happy to help.

    I’m interested in some of your products. How do I get started?
    It’s easy — simply fill out the contact form, and we will be in touch within 24 business hours.


    Sign me up! How do I order AQ products?
    We’re thrilled that you’re interested. Please visit celapure.com and fill out the contact form. We will be in touch within 24 business hours with a list of providers in your area.

    Link underlined to Celapure.com

    I think I would benefit from a PDA Human Amniotic Fluid™ injection. Where do I go to get one?
    We’re thrilled that you’re interested. Simply fill out the contact form, and we will connect you with providers in your area.

    What are PDA Human Amniotic Fluid™ (PDA-HAF) injections used for?
    People with pain, whether from a soft tissue injury, cartilage damage or a more chronic condition, such as arthritis, may find relief with PDA-HAF Injections. Patients have reported reduced discomfort and repair for spinal, joint and soft tissue injuries.

    Where does PDA Human Amniotic Fluid™ come from?
    It is derived from donated human placental amniotic fluid. All of our products are recovered in a sterile manner via a network of FDA and AATB registered facilities, and are regulated under 21 CFR Part 1271 and section 361 of the Public Health and Service Act. The amniotic fluid is obtained during full-term caesarian births from healthy donors who have been screened according to FDA/AATB donor guidelines. Donation does not require fetal sacrifice.

    Does the PDA Human Amniotic Fluid™ (PDA-HAF) injection contain stem cells?
    No, PDA-HAF injections do not contain stem cells. They are acellular, and all cells are removed during product preparation.

    Are PDA Human Amniotic Fluid™ (PDA-HAF) injections painful?
    Patients have not reported burning or stinging, which can be associated with other treatment options. PDA-HAF will flow through a needle as small as 30 gauge, keeping discomfort to a minimum.

    Can I go back to my usual work and daily activities?
    Your physician will instruct you on any restrictions based on your specific injury.

    Is there any post-procedure care I need to be aware of?
    Your physician will instruct you on any necessary post-procedure care, such as icing or wearing a brace.

    What can I expect after having a PDA Human Amniotic Fluid™ injection?
    Healing is unique to your injury and your body’s recovery process, but the majority of patients can expect reduced inflammation within a few hours of the injection.

    Will insurance cover the cost of the injection?
    No, insurance companies do not cover PDA Human Amniotic Fluid™ injections. You may pay cash or use your private Health Savings Account (HSA), Federal Savings Account (FSA) or flexible payment plans.

    How many PDA Human Amniotic Fluid™ (PDA-HAF) injections are needed?
    The number of PDA-HAF injections needed depends on the type and severity of your injury. Most frequently, patients have two injections within a six-month period.