Catalyst Sales and Marketing is a nationwide provider of specialty medical products and services, including prescription drugs, laboratory testing and regenerative therapies. Our goal is to enhance your practice, by bringing the next big medical movement to your office. The products we offer harness the natural ability of the body to encourage healing and focus on eliminating the risk of unwanted side effects. We act as a complete point-of-care for physicians, connecting you with the medical technology of tomorrow, as well as billing and marketing support.

Catalysts’ staff is skilled in medical distribution, sales, marketing, billing, denial management and practice support. We pride ourselves in having a high level of integrity and being a trusted partner and advisor to our practitioners, manufacturers and patients. The family here at Catalyst will always exceed our customers expectations and deliver results.

Embrace the element of change, and join us in making extraordinary medical innovation a part of natural part of modern-day medicine.

We are currently licensed for prescription drug distribution in:
New Hampshire